I will be out of the country April 12th to 20th with no access to phone or email.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Tonnas Cakes - Sioux Falls, SD

Tonnas Cakes - Sioux Falls, SDEvery cake in the catalog of flavors is baked up with the finest, fresh ingredients. There are no boxes or mixes for this girl! Each cake is baked homemade to order; no cakes hanging out in the freezers waiting to be ordered! Each cake is decorated in a unique way, custom made to fit your needs.




Tonnas Cakes - Sioux Falls, SD

Tonnas Cakes - Sioux Falls, SDI would like to introduce myself to everyone....my name is Tonna (obviously!) and I started this business 3 years ago. Cake decorating became a quick passion and I didn't hesitate to turn it into a business. I am located in Brandon (serving Brandon, Sioux Falls and all the surrounding areas) and we built a separate kitchen onto the back of the house just for cakes. It is health inspected and licensed. Everything I do is homemade and custom to order, nothing sitting around waiting to go out the door. My weekends book fast and I book about 3 weeks out so if you have an event coming up, please book early! This is only a part time thing for me as I do work another job as a RN. It provides me with the perfect balance! I have 3 girls at home that are 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade that keep me busy as well! Because of the other job and the kids, it makes it nearly impossible for me to answer my phone. I just ask that you contact me via Facebook or email and place your orders that way. I do cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and specialty cakes such as Gluten free. I feel the Lord has blessed me with this opportunity and I am thrilled to share this talent and ability with all of you. Philippians 4:13. God bless to all.

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